Diversity in media

I’m watching TV in London when the EastEnders comes on.
“What is this show?” I ask a local.

“It’s like our version of Neighbours,” I’m told.

But the next half hour of TV completely surprised me. Continue reading “Diversity in media”


Do You Even Lift?

I’m strolling past a bunch of Greek statues in the Louvre. There’s a lot of nudity. The males are always incredibly ripped and lean, and the females have nice curves and often are at least partially nude. But then it hits me. And it’s not even new information. Continue reading “Do You Even Lift?”

An Unexpected Encounter

I’m sitting on a coastal rock looking out onto the endless ocean along the coast of Ucluelet, a small town on Vancouver Island in Canada. The waves are rolling in and crashing onto the black rocks in front of me.

I see someone approach me. He looks young – he’s in a tank top and wearing a headband and shorts, with a backpack. I’m cautious – I’m by myself, near water and there aren’t that many people around. Continue reading “An Unexpected Encounter”