Why Cycling in Sydney is Doomed

In my (almost) three months in Europe I fell in love. Not with another person, or with the beautifully historic buildings or the canals or the languages, but with bicycles. But I didn’t fall in love with those sleek metal frames and soft touch handles, no, I fell in love with what bicycles gave me. Never had it been more convenient to get pretty much anywhere around town – no worries about finding parking, paying and waiting for the train or spending more half an hour legging it somewhere. Continue reading “Why Cycling in Sydney is Doomed”


What Makes a Good Hostel

After six and a half months on the road, I have a decent idea of what makes a good hostel. I should say that no hostel managed to tick all the boxes – they were always lacking in at least one department, but here are the areas that make a good hostel along with the hostels that excelled and disappointed in each category – without mentioning the too obvious (i.e. reasonable price, friendly staff, a bed and a roof).

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Coming To Terms With My Race

It’s…kind of strange talking about what it’s like growing up as someone who looks Asian in a country like Australia. We often tout our nation as a multicultural haven, and whenever I mention any form of racism to foreigners they’re shocked that such things happen in Australia, yet many Aussies I met on my travels apologised for our country being so racist.

The even stranger thing, though, was that I thought it was…normal.

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