Self Reflections

I met up with a couchsurfing host in Rotterdam. We chatted about travels, culture and our life experiences, but what really struck me was our conversation about meeting new people.

He mentioned that he enjoys meeting new people because he learns more about himself when he talks to others. That hearing other people’s motivations, desires and characteristics helps him to realise things about himself that he didn’t know or just hadn’t come to the realisation of.

And this made me think about my travels as well. I’ve met so many new people on this trip, and I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself. But people have also reflected things back to me that others have never mentioned.

I’ve been told I should consider a career in vlogging, or asked if I was a psychologist, or been suggested to go into journalism, or to even consider teaching English somewhere.

And I think these things have been reflected back at me from these new people I’ve met because they don’t have a history with me – they see me for who I am now, and not through their view of me that they’ve built over many years.

And boy have these conversations been refreshing.


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