I like to think I’m quite logical. A thinker. Not driven by emotions. But sometimes something comes along that moves you beyond words. And I don’t use that phrase lightly. What did it for me? The Color Purple

I knew nothing of this musical before going in. I hadn’t read the book, or seen the movie, so I had no assumed knowledge – not of the setting, story, people, whether it was even set in reality or fantasy.

But the moment the actors walked on stage, the moment the first note came out of Cynthia Erivo’s mouth, I was absolutely captivated. Her voice, no matter whether she’s belting or singing a low, quiet note, has such a rick timbre and an emotion behind it that you can’t help but be drawn in. And I can say the same for every single actor in this show.

There were many moments that had me covering my mouth or gripping my heart or, yes, even breaking into tears. And they weren’t all the big crescendos and power notes – it could have been a small movement from an actor, a hug, or the quietness of a song.

And that was the thing though. I was moved, and was so for a couple of hours after the show. And it’s not that I was thinking through anything and remembering specific moments that moved me. I was just in this state of being moved – so much so that I found it hard to talk to people afterwards.

I don’t know what this means for me. Especially with what The Color Purple is about. But it’s definitely something I want to consider further. And yes, sometimes it’s nice to just feel.

Thank you Rodrick for taking me to the show


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