How Not to Go Hiking

I guess you learn lots when you make lots of mistakes. Don’t worry, I’m alive and not injured (just a couple of scratches). Here are some tips on how not to go hiking based on a recent hike I did.

  1. Don’t go out until 2:00am the night before, and then hang out with people at the hostel for another hour watching the Olympics
  2. Bring more than 2 liters of water
  3. If you’re going alone, for goodness’ sake, tell someone where and when you’re going
  4. If you’re in Canada on a trail that’s not incredibly popular, you should probably bring bear spray
  5. If you did a big hike yesterday and you know your left knee has issues, you should probably take it a little easy today
  6. Just because you’re climbing a mountain and there’s a path that goes upwards does not mean it’s the correct path
  7. If you don’t see anyone passing you in either direction for a good hour, you’re probably not on the correct path
  8. If there are shrubs and branches that should have been trampled to death on the path you’re on but they’re very much alive, it’s probably not the correct path
  9. If the path is slippery going up because it’s covered in loose rocks, it will be more difficult to go down safely. And it’s probably not the correct path
  10. If you google the trail and it says it’s difficult and to read up on it beforehand, you should read up on it beforehand
  11. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

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