Fire and My Attention Span

My attention span is short. Our whole generation’s is. And I’m not passing judgement here either – craving new information and being dissatisfied with the way things are can push us to try new things and innovate. But things that used to keep our attention for hours can still be captivating today.

I went camping the other week where there was no mobile/cell reception, no computers, no power outlets, no running water, no showers… just myself and nature.

It was wonderful.

We kayaked for 5 and a half hours to our campsite, and of course we made a campfire. And you know what? Actually starting and maintaining a fire – I happily did that for hours.

As my friend said, people used to sit around the fireplace for hours doing nothing more than sitting around the fireplace. We find that preposterous today – what a waste of time! But when I had nothing to distract me? My goodness, fire is beautiful.

Just staring into the flames dancing back and forth. The way the logs and sticks catch on fire. How the wind changes where the fire moves to. The way the coals burn and glow. The art of stacking the logs and sticks. Wow.

Yes I’m still rather impatient and want things now. But every now and then, I can also enjoy being away from the immediacy of notifications and the internet and just enjoy nature. Especially fire.


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