Ignorance is Bliss. Getting Ignored is Not

I had a great time with someone – we had gotten on really well and we planned on hanging out again. I texted suggesting a time and he said he was busy with work. I checked in the next morning on how work went and didn’t get anything back.

So what did I do? I assumed the worst.

Was he just playing me? Did he meet someone who knew me who said something that put him off? Was texting the next day too soon? Did I say something wrong?

I know this is futile thinking. I’ll never know why he did what he did. He could even tell me a fake reason just to get me off his back. So I know I shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

But the thought lingers in my mind.

Perhaps it’s a self confidence issue – I get bogged down thinking I did something wrong, when in reality I don’t think I did anything that would warrant being ignored. I care too much about how I’m perceived in case I come across a certain way but don’t realise it.

But I know I’m not an ass. I know I wasn’t mean or rude to him or anything. And I know I should care less about what people think of me.

I’m going to catch myself if I ever get back into this line of thought again. I’m going to look back at what has actually happened, accept that it has happened and move on.

He ended up texting me back the following week apologising, stating that work got incredibly crazy but he would like to stay in touch. I will try, but I’m not going to let it get to me if he’s slow to respond. It’s not me, it’s him.

Featured image by Frank Hebbert used under Creative Commons license.


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