Canada: Stuck in the Middle

We all make fun of the US for using imperial. And the US seems to make fun of Canada for using metric. But you know what?  It’s strange how much of a mixed bag Canada is.

What’s the weather? That’s in Celsius. The oven temperature? That’s in Fahrenheit.

What’s the distance to somewhere? Kilometers. What’s your height? Feet and inches.

And possibly the worst – pre-packaged sausages and self serve nuts? By the gram. Fruit and veg? By the pound.

I know Canada is weirdly close to the States so there’s some influence from there, but come on! We all know America is stuck in the 1800’s with their imperial measurements, but at least they’re consistently backwards. Canada? They can’t seem to commit to progress or tradition.

And I know they are probably used to the different measurements. But when they have a recipe that’s either all metric or all imperial, they will usually have to convert one of the weights, which seems ridiculous. And I met a local who didn’t know what the normal body temperature was in Celsius because he had only ever known it in Fahrenheit. Where’s the sense of relativity? How can you compare how hot your body temperature is to everything else when they’re on different scales?

So Canada, I’m sorry you’re stuck in the middle. Let’s hope that one day the US changes over to metric and you can actually convert over to metric. Fully.


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