How I Didn’t Get Jet Lag

Sydney to San Francisco – a 13.5 hour flight that arrives at 7am. Yes, 7am. So whilst my friends back home were already curled up in bed (midnight Sydney time), I was facing the start of a brand new day.

Already exhausted from a near sleepless flight, I was adamant to avoid the troubles of jet lag; determined not to suffer nights of being unable to sleep and days of nodding off whilst the sun is up.

So I pulled an all-dayer. I didn’t nap (knowing it wouldn’t just be a nap if I did), and I didn’t mope all day. Instead, I rocked up at the hostel and said “yes” to the first invite to go do something that day.

We ended up out at Land’s End, a beautiful park/beach/lookout at the north-western end of San Francisco. We walked, we chatted and we chilled out at a lookout overseeing the Golden Gate Bridge. And out in the sunlight, my body didn’t want to sleep, despite how tired it was.

And so I stayed awake. All the way until 9:30pm.

And today I woke at a rosy 7:30am and haven’t wanted to snooze all day.


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